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 You might be wondering who we are.

ARAI Jewelry was founded by Tiffany Aragon and her husband Fernando Resendiz. Both were born and raised in sunny California next to "La Ciudad Del Sol" Mexicali,

Baja California, Mexico. Growing up next to the Mexican border brought an appreciation for their culture and the gratification of learning more about it. 

Tiffany and Fernando moved to Dallas, TX, in 2012, where the idea of sharing a piece of Mexico with the world was born.


Tiffany is a freelance content creator with a degree in Journalism and Advertising. Her creative soul sought to exploit her talent and creativity without losing connection with people. ARAI was born in 2020, an authentic Mexican, handcrafted jewelry store for anyone seeking to express their individuality and own a little piece of Mexico.


Mexican artisans handcraft every ARAI piece. Our jewelry derives from Taxco, Guerrero, Mexico also known as Mexico's Silver Capital

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The Silver Capital

Mexico is known for producing beautiful, fine, handmade jewelry that dates to the Aztecs and Mayans, symbolizing their status in society. Modern handcrafted jewelry has been a mixture of indigenous and Spanish traditions. 

Our beautiful selection of .925 silver is derived from the magical town and Mexico's silver capital, Taxco, Guerrero, Mexico. Our silver is certified by the city's Consejo Regulador de la Plata, guaranteeing the quality of our jewelry. Our jewelry is a reflection of our culture and was created to become a treasured family heirloom for generations.


Every ARAI piece is handcrafted by Mexican artisans from Taxco, Guerrero, Mexico- Mexico's Silver Capital. 


La Familia

As you explore our enchanting jewelry collection, you'll notice that certain pieces bear the names of our cherished family members. Rooted in a culture celebrated for its strong family values, we've chosen to pay homage to this legacy through our artful creations.

Shop our Mexico Lindo Collection 

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